Wind Tutorial
The wind is probably the most important aspect in the game. If you can’t adjust your shot properly for the wind, you will most likely find yourself struggling to win matches. You don’t need to be a magician to learn how to adjust for the wind, but you do need to be open minded and start with the basics.
What is the wind ring system?
This is a system that helps you get to know how many rings you should adjust, with a specific club, based on the wind that is shown. The wind ring system is based on a mathematic algorithm that has been proven to work for millions of players.
Why we should use the wind ring system?
The simple answer to this question is that it will help you win more games. Learning how to adjust for the wind is not something you master overnight. It’s something that you will need to practice to be able to go to the next step in the learning curve.
Watch the ”Wind Guide – Learn the wind ring system”
What is Min/Mid/Max?
When you adjust for a shot, you need to always check what club range you are in. When it’s your turn, move your target up to the very max and then back to the very min of your club. By doing that, you are able to make an estimation for what club range you are in. IF you don’t check if you are in Min/Mid/Max, it will be very easy for you to make the wrong adjustment and not get the outcome you were hoping for.
Watch the ”Wind Guide – Learn the wind ring system”
What is elevation and WHY should we adjust for it?
You have probably heard me talk about ”Over-adjust” and ”Under-adjust” from 10-50% quite often. The reason we are over or under adjusting our shot is due to playing downhill or uphill on a specific shot. If we are playing downhill, it means that your shot will be affected more by the wind.
So when we play downhill, we need to ADD to our adjustment. If we are playing uphill, it means that the shot will be affected less by the wind, therefore we need to REDUCE our adjustment.

What to do in different situations is explained in terms of + (Plus/Over-adjust/Downhill) and – (Minus/Under-adjust/Uphill).
There isn’t a specific science behind figuring out the elevation adjustment and its based on trial and error.

An elevation adjustment is a floating number and can be changed to adapt to a specific shot/adjustment. This is very common in tournaments, but not so much in tour play. If you are playing a specific elevation that works for you, but is not suggested, NEVER change.

If you don’t adjust for the elevation for a specific shot, then you will not see the results you would expect. If you learn how to adjust for elevation it could help you improve your game immensely.

Watch the ”How to adjust for Elevation Guide”
Pull angles – 11:59 & 12:01
It has become more and more common to talk about different pull angles. Using different pull angles is not suggested if you are not able to handle wind ring and elevation adjustment.
We are taught to adjust with the wind angle pointing due north. That, in other terms, means that you adjust with a 12:00 pull. If adjusting with an 11:59 pull angle, you will see the tip of the needle go from the center to the left. If adjusting with a 12:01 you will see the needle go from the center to the right.
Picture it as a clock.
You can watch a brilliant summary from The Kid GC (Jamie Bradley) which shoulld give you a better grasp of the topic. Credit to DMac (Daniel McArthur) for the concept.
If you are not using the wind ring system you will be at a disadvantage, but that doesnt mean that you are forced to use it. You can still play completely by feel.
This is not a race, its a marathon. Start with the basics and then build from there. If you need of any assistance you can always email